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About Rabbits:
Stray Domestic Rabbits

Many domestic rabbits are abandoned outdoors when their humans no longer want to care for them. The idea is that the rabbit will be free to fend for him/herself and perhaps join a warren of the native cottontails. Nothing is further from the truth. Domestic rabbits and cottontails do not belong to the same genus and cannot interbreed. In fact, cottontails view domestic rabbits as intruders and will drive them off or kill them.

Domestic rabbits abandoned outdoors starve, die from disease or parasites, or are killed by predators.

If You See a Loose Rabbit

1. ⇒Determine if it is a domestic or wild rabbit.

2. ⇒ Try to win the rabbit's trust so that you can bring him/her indoors.

3. Take the rabbit to a vet for an examination and then ⇒ call RabbitWise for further consultation.

How to Catch a Stray Rabbit at Rabbit References

How to Rescue a Rabbit Running Loose on the House Rabbit Society web site.

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