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Rabbit Care:
Rabbit Never Do's

This is a quick reference list to help you protect your rabbit from harm and unintended consequences. The reasons and related issues for each item on the never do list can be found in the corresponding pages on this site. Please read all of the pages to learn about your rabbit.


-Abandon your rabbit.
   ⇒More information on this site

-Allow your rabbit to be given oral cillin drugs such as amoxicillin or penicillin.
   ⇒More information at the House Rabbit Society website.
   ⇒More information at MediRabbit (graphic photos).

-Allow your rabbit to eat or come into contact with mold.
   ⇒ More information at Morfz.

-Allow your rabbit to eat houseplants, especially pine and other Christmas greenery.
   ⇒ More information at Morfz.

-Allow your rabbit to remain in an area or vehicle where there are fumes from exhaust or chemicals such as paint, insecticides, etc.

-Declaw your rabbit. A rabbit's claw is part of their foot's structure. Declawing a rabbit results in an amputation of the first phalanx of each toe.
   ⇒ More information at Morfz.

-Fast your rabbit. Fasting before surgical procedures is done to prevent aspiration of vomitus during surgery. Rabbits do not vomit making this precaution unnecessary. Also, fasting your rabbit can cause gastro-intestinal prolems such as slow downs and stasis.
   ⇒ More information at Morfz.

-Feed your rabbit any animal product, unhealthy diet or treats, or too many treats. Never feed iceberg lettuce because it has no nutritional value.

-House your rabbit in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and basements.

-Leave your rabbit in direct sunlight, hot cars, or in temperatures exceeding 70 degrees F.

-Leave your rabbit unsupervised in an area that has not been rabbit proofed.

-Leave your rabbit unsupervised with young children or other animals unknown to be trustworthy with rabbits. Even if the other animals and children are known to the rabbit it is unwise to leave them supervised.

-Leave your rabbit with pet sitters or boarding facilities that are not rabbit educated.

-Leave your rabbit behind in case you have to evacuate in the event of a disaster.

-Pick your rabbit up by the ears.

-Pick your rabbit up without supporting his/her hindquarters.

-Punish your rabbit by hitting or tapping him/her.

-Put off going to your vet if your rabbit stops eating or producing fecal pellets, shows signs of pain, has diarrhea, is incontinent of urine, or has evidence of a neurological problem (head tilt, for example).

-Submerge your rabbit in water to bathe him/her.

-Use pine or cedar litter or bedding.
   ⇒ More information at Morfz.

-Use clumping litter.
   ⇒ More information at Morfz.

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