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RabbitWise, Inc., has been dissolved. This informational website is maintained in the memory of the founder, the amazing Lana Lehr.
Please support the work of our sister organization, ⇒Friends of Rabbits.

Welcome to RabbitWise, your guide through Rabbitdom, where you will find connections to everything rabbit nationwide and specific information for the metropolitan Washington, DC area (the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia).

What's Here

You will find links to informative rabbit-related sites on the net, across the nation and across the world. By making this information more easily accessible in an organized fashion, we hope to help everyone with their rabbit questions.

For a more personal touch, RabbitWise can put you in contact with rabbit knowledgeable people to consult with, arrange hands-on rabbit care workshops for you to attend, and locate local veterinarians that are experienced with rabbits. Ultimately, by helping you, we hope to assist domestic rabbits, our primary clients, find an excellent quality of life in permanent indoor homes with responsible and caring rabbit guardians.

Professor RabbitProfessor Rabbit

For the rescue, shelter, and veterinary communities, RabbitWise hopes that this website is a useful tool to share information, coordinate services, reduce duplication, and create a system of integrated programs to benefit rabbits.

About this website

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